Made for Makers

Indigo Connect is the RESTful API built to harness the full lifecycle for ground-transport services around the world.

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What you can make

In the tumultuous business of cutting-in and attending to a whale, there is much running backwards and forwards among the crew. Now hands are wanted here, and then again hands are wanted there.

For Mobile

Make instant bookings in your mobile app or book through in-flight entertainment

For Web

You can build onward transport search into flight search tools or even run full door-to-door metasearch.

Connected Journeys

Send personalized transfer options in pre-departure email, booking on click-through

New Applications

Add booking for transport into the checkout process as an ancillary or even dynamic packages

White Label

The classic quick-start way to partner, we license our White label solution to select partners including dedicated rebranding. Indigo will host and operate the web experience for your guests on a custom domain. Web teams can personalize all links to the website with simple parameters such as iata=MXP, specific providers such as operator=autostradale or pre-fill form variables such as leadpax_name=Tom O'Sullivan, for example.

Full API Access

We publish the same API our own products use as Indigo Connect for you to use in the development of your own transportation solutions

Hybrid Models

Indigo Connect gives your the tools to build any user experience. Where the business case doesn't call for full integration, our API allows you to "hand over" to our web and mobile white label tools part-way using deep-linking and embedding for example.

Introduction to our API

Video coming soon


What we handle on-platform

1. Search

Use different preferences as well as an origin-destination pair to find the best transport options for a particular user.

3. Payment

Flexible payment methods including invoice, token sharing and card payments. Depending on your application, you can redirect to our payment page for transactions.

2. Checkout

The personal details and confirmation of the chosen itinerary for your guest.

4. Ticketing

We take care of the booking once payment is made, including changes and any emergency 1:1 support for passengers. If you prefer, you can also handle the post-booking experience, right up to ticket issue.

Get an API Key

You can read our API docs anytime. To get trial access to our API, you'll need to apply for an Evaluation API key, which is managed directly via our 3Scale portal.

We process requests manually and may get in touch with you for some extra information before issuing your API keys. All use of our API is bound by our terms and conditions, which can be viewed in our API docs.